How it works

Local data driven systems for the urban planning of nature based solutions.

Nature Based Solution
Location Optimization

UrbanEcoTech is designed to help cities implement evidence driven nature based solutions to climate hazard mitigation. As cities respond to the unique effects of climate change which impact them, the need for data based tools which allow them to strategically place nature based solutions and measure their effectiveness over time has become clear and UrbanEcoTech was made to fill that need.

Data Collection

Every project begins by collecting area specific data. This data is collected from federal, state, local and hyperlocal sources.

Data Analysis

Data of different scales and types are normalized and analyzed by our algorithm and scientists. Location for solutions are the output of our data analysis processes.

Solution Implementation

We continue to work closely with contractors on the implementation phase of projects. After solutions are installed we continue to monitor their long term benefits.

What we do best

Designed for Cities

UrbanEcoTech is designed to help cities respond to the unique impacts of the climate crisis they face by using local data. Our system focuses on the climate hazards most significant to them and their opportunities to employ nature in their responses. The solutions which come out of this system are tailored to their cities, target the most critical areas and hazards first and help build long term sustainability by leveraging local nature to provide increasing help over time. By using local data to tailor each system to the city’s existing infrastructure and unique environment we provide customized solutions that fit.

Designed to Last

The goal of our system’s solutions is to channel nature to help respond to climate hazards based on each city’s specific environment and existing infrastructure, working with their particular natural advantages to their particular climate threats. By focusing on nature based solutions we provide results that grow over time. Since climate change is a long term phenomenon our solutions are designed to help natural faculties respond to both its immediate impacts and its root causes over time.

Far Reaching Benefits

The solutions implemented have broader social benefits for their communities as well. Our focus on nature based solutions in urban areas means these projects bring far more than just their designed mitigation benefits. Other important positive impacts such as shade equity, energy conservation, wildlife habitats and air pollutant filtration accompany the same projects, providing holistic impacts to their communities beyond their primary purpose. See our pages on co-benefits to learn more about some of the main impacts that can be provided alongside mitigation

Connecting the Dots

From start to finish we work with our partners to bring in valuable stakeholders at each step. Resources we find and connect with include data providers, mitigation experts and implementing organizations. By mobilizing a community of resources throughout the process we ensure that there is expert support and oversight at each step.

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